The Collection

Pig Dog, Dog Pig – Dana Ellyn

Kitten Nugget – Dana Ellyn

Not Like Sheep to the Slaughter - Michelle Waters

Not Like Sheep to the Slaughter – Michelle Waters

Someone's Stolen Child - Michelle Waters

Someone’s Stolen Child – Michelle Waters

Sinun kanssasi - Heidi Huovinen

Sinun kanssasi – Heidi Huovinen

Collection Notes: The Finnish title “Sinun kanssasi” translates to “With you” in English.

Maailman yksinaisin II - Heidi Huovinen


Collection Notes: The Finnish title “Maailman yksinaisin II” translates to “World’s Loneliest II” in English

Day Old Chick - Roland Straller

Day Old Chick – Roland Straller

Paula 5 - Roland Straller

Paula 5 – Roland Straller

Buddha Cat - Karen Fiorito

Buddha Cat – Karen Fiorito

Buddha Pig - Karen Fiorito

Buddha Pig – Karen Fiorito

Buddha Dog - Karen Fiorito

Buddha Dog – Karen Fiorito

Buddha Chicken - Karen Fiorito

Buddha Chicken – Karen Fiorito

Buddha Koala - Karen Fiorito

Buddha Koala – Karen Fiorito

Queenie Escapes the Slaughterhouse - Sue Coe

Queenie Escapes the Slaughterhouse – Sue Coe

Carne - Marco Ferra

Carne – Marco Ferra

Clandestine Compassion - Amanda Moeckel

Clandestine Compassion – Amanda Moeckel

Brother's Keep - Amanda Moeckel

Brother’s Keeper – Amanda Moeckel

Don't Forget Me - Aamanda Moeckel

Don’t Forget Me – Amanda Moeckel

Fear - Amanda Moeckel

Fear – Amanda Moeckel

Keep Fighting - Amanda Moecke

Keep Fighting – Amanda Moeckel

Never Again - Amanda Moeckel

Never Again – Amanda Moeckel

The Passing - Amanda Moeckel

The Passing – Amanda Moeckel

Celestial Ghost Golden Monkeys-- Aaron Wright

Celestial Ghost Golden Monkeys – Aaron Wright

Celestial Ghost Cicada - Aaron Wright

Celestial Ghost Cicada – Aaron Wright

Celestial Ghost Cow - Aaron Wright

Celestial Ghost Cow – Aaron Wright

Celestial Ghost Crow - Aaron Wright

Celestial Ghost Crow – Aaron Wright

Celestial Ghost Elk - Aaron Wright

Celestial Ghost Elk – Aaron Wright

Celestial Ghost Hedgehog - Aaron Wright

Celestial Ghost Hedgehog – Aaron Wright

Celestial Ghost Owl - Aaron Wright

Celestial Ghost Owl – Aaron Wright

Celestial Ghost Pig - Aaron Wright

Celestial Ghost Pig – Aaron Wright

Celestial Ghost Slow Loris - Aaron Wright

Celestial Ghost Slow Loris – Aaron Wright

Celestial Shark - Aaron Wright

Celestial Ghost Shark – Aaron Wright

Celestial Seal - Aaron Wright

Celestial Ghost Seal – Aaron Wright

Celestial Ghost Wolf - Aaron Wright

Celestial Ghost Wolf – Aaron Wright

Celestial Sperm Whale - Aaron Wright

Celestial Ghost Sperm Whale – Aaron Wright

Albie the Goat - Marcus Pierno

Albie the Goat – Marcus Pierno

Timmy the Turkey - Marcus Pierno

Timmy the Turkey – Marcus-Pierno

Sherman the Cow - Marcus Pierno

Sherman the Cow – Marcus Pierno

Melancholy Mini Pink Pig - Sarah Stupak

Melancholy Mini Pink Pig – Sarah Stupak

Deer Child Surrounded by Blue Butterflies near Train Tracks - Sarah Stupak

Deer Child Surrounded by Blue Butterflies near Train Tracks – Sarah Stupak

Extinct Animal Malabar Civet - Sarah Stupak

Extinct Animal Malabar Civet – Sarah Stupak

Eerie Fox in Abandoned House Window - Sarah Stupak

Eerie Fox in Abandoned House Window – Sarah Stupak

Love Call - Jen Meyer

Love Call – Jen Meyer

Strange Fruit - Kathy Livick

Strange Fruit – Kathy Livick

Starry Badger - Kathy Livick

Starry Badger – Kathy Livick

Badger - Kathy Livick

Badger – Kathy Livick

Calf - Kathy Livick

Calf – Kathy Livick

Cow and Calf - Kathy Livick

Cow and Calf – Kathy Livick

Save Me - Marina Taliera

Save Me – Marina Taliera

Cracked Open - Marina Taliera

Cracked Open – Marina Taliera

Rabbit Spirit - Paula Menetrey

Rabbit Spirit – Paula Menetrey

Fox Spirit - Paula Menetrey

Fox Spirit – Paula Menetrey

Deer Spirit - Paula Menetrey

Deer Spirit – Paula Menetrey

Unify - Amy Guidry

Unify – Amy Guidry

Artist Notes: From a series of paintings called “In Our Veins” which explores the connections between all life forms and the cycle … More

Kinship - Amy Guidry

Kinship – Amy Guidry

Artist Notes: From a series of paintings called “In Our Veins” which explores the connections between all life forms and the cycle … More

Calf Nymph - Jade Monica Bello

Calf Nymph – Jade Monica Bello

Pig Nymph - Jade Monica Bello

Pig Nymph – Jade Monica Bello

Lamb Nymph - Jade Monica Bello

Lamb Nymph – Jade Monica Bello

Fox Nymph - Jade Monica Bello

Fox Nymph – Jade Monica Bello

Rabbit Nymph - Jade Monica Bello

Rabbit Nymph – Jade Monica Bello

Chickens Nymph - Jade Monica Bello

Chickens Nymph – Jade Monica Bello

Tuna Nymph - Jade Monica Bello

Tuna Nymph – Jade Monica Bello

Shark Nymph - Jade Monica Bello

Shark Nymph – Jade Monica Bello

Whale Nymph - Jade Monica Bello

Whale Nymph – Jade Monica Bello

Goat Nymph - Jade Monica Bello

Goat Nymph – Jade Monica Bello

Duck Goose Nymph - Jade Monica Bello

Duck Goose Nymph – Jade Monica Bello

Dolphin Nymph - Jade Monica Bello

Dolphin Nymph – Jade Monica Bello

Liberation Nymph - Jade Monica Bello

Liberation Nymph – Jade Monica Bello

Naiad - Jade Monica Bello

Naiad – Jade Monica Bello

Tauromaquia - Jade Monica Bello

Tauromaquia – Jade Monica Bello

My Male Sons are Thankful - Jade Monica Bello

My Male Sons are Thankful – Jade Monica Bello

Happy to be Your Meal - Jade Monica Bello

Happy to be Your Meal – Jade Monica Bello

Happy Cow Made Good Milk - Jade Monica Bello

Happy Cow Made Good Milk – Jade Monica Bello

Sad Circus - Kristina Sabaite

Sad Circus – Kristina Sabaite

Marius Giraffe - Kristina Sabaite

Marius Giraffe – Kristina Sabaite

Animal Revolution - Kristina Sabaite

Animal Revolution – Kristina Sabaite

Girl with Chicken - Kristina Sabaite

Girl with Chicken – Kristina Sabaite

Love Pigs - Kristina Sabaite

Love Pigs – Kristina Sabaite

Animal Family - Ruby Roth

Animal Family – Ruby Roth

Pigs in Sunset - Ruby Roth

Pigs in Sunset – Ruby Roth

Harness - L A Watson

Harness – L A Watson

Pig Blindness - Kathryn Eddy

Pig Blindness – Kathryn Eddy

Flower of Life - Mystic Missy Fu

Flower of Life – Mystic Missy Fu

Journey – Mystic Missy Fu

Hurt – Mystic Missy Fu

Evolution – Mystic Missy Fu

Death and Rebirth – Mystic Missy Fu

Alice – Mystic Missy Fu

Road – Mystic Missy Fu

Vixen - Rebecca Lehmann

Vixen – Rebecca Lehmann

Collection Notes: This print was acquired from the Art of Compassion Project supporting Veganuary.

Bunnie - Lynda Bell

Bunnie – Lynda Bell

Artist Notes: Bunnie is an animal-loving bunny fanatic just like me. She has her special friend Rabbitina who is a … More

Bobbie - Lynda Bell

Bobbie – Lynda Bell

Boris the Badger - Paul Caton

Boris the Badger – Paul Caton

Collection Notes: This work was kindly gifted to the collection by the artist when their other work “Minty the Wild … More

Minty - Paul Caton

Minty the Wild Boar Piglet – Paul Caton

Artist Notes: Minty is an orphaned piglet in the care of Vale Wildlife Hospital. You can read Minty’s story on … More

Protect Wildlife - Kate Louise Powell

Protect Wildlife – Kate Louise Powell

Collection Notes: This work was acquired through the Earth&Sea Auction in 2015 raising funds to support anti badger cull activists … More

Animal Protector - Twyla Francois

Animal Protector – Twyla Francois

Artist Notes: You were born an animal protector, you just forgot. As children, we’re allowed to see farmed animals as … More

Happy Cows - Philip McCulloch-Downs

Happy Cows – Philip McCulloch-Downs

Artist Notes: This picture was painted as an emotional response to the factual reality of every day cattle markets in … More

Happy Cows - Philip McCulloch-Downs

Life Sentence – Philip McCulloch-Downs

Artist Notes: All these faces are from current cattle markets in the U.K. as of May 2015. None have been … More

Blind Celebration - Brittney West

Blind Celebration – Brittney West

Skipping Sausages - Brittney West

Skipping Sausage – Brittney West

Collection Notes: This work was a reward for supporting Brittney’s crowdfunding campaign to fund her attendance at a month-long artist … More

Cow and Fetus - Geordanna Cordero-Fields

Cow and Fetus – Geordanna Cordero-Fields

Artist Notes: This is a part of a series called “WITH FETUS”. Faintly in the background of this painting (and the … More

Carousel - Jana Schirmer

Carousel – Jana Schirmer

Forest Sunset - Pinja Jokiranta

Forest Sunset – Pinja Jokiranta

Skull - Pinja Jokiranta

Skull – Pinja Jokiranta

Unity - L3f0u

Unity – L3f0u

The Dark Side of the Moon - Natalie Hough

The Dark Side of the Moon – Natalie Hough

Artist Notes: This print is titled “The Dark Side of the Moon” and features extinct animals of particular species, including … More

One Day - Denise Hof

One Day – Denise Hof

Co-Exist - Nicola Mclean

Co-Exist – Nicola McLean

Me Too - Nicola McLean

Me Too – Nicola McLean

Peace - Nicola McLean

Peace – Nicola McLean

Love More - Nicola McLean

Love More – Nicola McLean

Empathy - Nicola McLean

Empathy – Nicola McLean

Ahimsa - Nicola McLean

Ahimsa – Nicola McLean

Encourage Kindness - Nicola McLean

Encourage Kindness – Nicola McLean