The Sheppard Collection is a private art collection started by Robert Sheppard in April 2014. It is the largest collection of art by vegans.

A Vegan Art Collection

The collection consists of artwork created by vegan artists. The works themselves cover a wide range of themes – some challenging our treatment of animals, some celebrating the beauty of animals and nature. The artists in the collection also span a wide geographical range, currently from across the America’s and Europe and beyond.

One of the aims of the collection is to highlight and question our treatment of animals in society. Exhibitions of the collection are planned to promote this. Works in the collection are also available on loan to exhibitions.

Profile of Robert Sheppard

Born in Gloucestershire, England, Robert Sheppard has been an ethical vegan all of his adult life. He now lives and works in London, and despite having no artistic skills himself, has always had in interest in art and design.

Before starting this collection he had acquired various art pieces, but the idea of starting a vegan art collection gave him a direction and focus for collecting. It also gives the collection a wider purpose – as a platform for discussing vegan issues as well as helping fellow vegans.

He says “I think art is an important medium for expressing ideas and making people think. I hope this collection will prompt discussion and help spread ethical ideas.”